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Look Up! Bird-Watching in Your Own Backyard

1 May

When I walk the girls, I spend a lot of time looking down, scanning the area ahead for inedibles on the ground they might try to eat. On Sunday, Lucy got chocolate someone had dropped on the road. You’d be surprised what people throw away, and you might already know that cats believe the world is their toilet. As we plod along, I also see birds on the ground or in bushes, but I rarely follow the advice of Annettte LeBlanc Cate and  Look Up!


This wonderful book is part non-fiction how-to and part graphic novel. The text walks kids through how to become a bird naturalist. It tells you where to look, even if you live in  a city.  It tells you what to look for and how to record your observations. The voice is conversational, but very informative. I think it would be helpful for adults, too.  The illustrations are charming. Annette LeBlanc Cate gives the birds on each page voices that speak through speech bubbles, adding to the information in the text and giving real personalities to the birds. I now want to get a new journal and start recording what I see. This book would be great in the classroom, but would also make a great resource to kick off the summer for a budding naturalist.

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