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When Terrible Things Happen

18 May

I normally do a HUB Reading Challenge Check in on Saturdays, but I didn’t finish any HUB books this week.We are nearing the end  of the Challenge, I’ve met the goal and it’s that stressful time of the school year when we have to wrap it all up. On top of that I’m coordinating our ESL summer school, so I have work to do to get that organized.

Rather than resting this morning with a cup of coffee and my knitting or a book, I’m off to transport Penny & Bubba

OR22.25994950-2-pn  OR22.25994950-1-pn

to their new home in Prineville. I’m not driving all the way to Prineville; we are meeting in Mount Hood. I am wise & Sheryl, the counselor from my school & a good friend, is coming with me. It’s been a long road getting these two a home. They came out of a hoarding situation and had pottying issues because they’d been allowed to go in the house. And they are a closely bonded pair that we at OBHR were unwilling to split. They’ve been in our care since before the end of last year, when their dad had to be hospitalized, but they are ready for their new home.

Barnaby Brocket had to find a new home too. He’s the main character in  The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket by John Boyne.


Barnaby floats. It alarms his parents, who strive to be ordinary and dull in every way. He spends his childhood on the ceiling or tied to furniture so he doesn’t float away. But, of course, one day he does and so begins his extraordinary journey around the world. Along the way he discovers what it means to be “normal” and “different”. I’d considered tis book for the teacher read aloud book club I’m running at my elementary school, but thought it was a little too much for our kids. It’d be great for middle school and up and could lead to great discussions about being different.

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