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2013 Hub Reading Challenge check in #17

1 Jun

I have read 2 novels entitled Pure this year.

Unknown  Unknown-1

The first, by Andrew Miller,  is set in pre-revolutionary France, follows an engineer named Jean-Baptiste Baratte and chronicles his efforts in clearing an overfilled graveyard which is polluting the surrounding area. The book won the 2011 Costa Book of the Year award. It was a wonderful read and had the feel of the 19th century French novels I love to read, even though it was written by an Englishman.

The second, written by Julianna Baggott, is set in post-apocalyptic America, follows a girl named Pressia, who has a doll’s head fused into her hand, and a boy named Partridge, who is a Pure (undamaged by the bomb) and chronicles their efforts in  leading a real resistance. The book was a  2013 YALSA award winner. Lots of similarities here to other dystopian trilogies (this is book 1 of 3). The twist here is that the Pures live in a protected Dome and those outside are all disfigured by the blast by burns, fusings and other scars. It was pretty good, but I don’t know that I’m dying to know what happens to Pressia & Partridge.

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