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Etiquette & Espionage & Ennui

13 Jun


I really want to like this book. It has a lot of features I usually enjoy in books: it takes place in a historical time period, there are strong female characters, there’s a boarding school and adventure.I love the Steampunk setting and the concept of flywaymen. But those feel like parts of the problem, too. It might be that it is the end of the year and I’m just flat out tired, but this book feels like it is trying too hard to be clever. It has received a lot of positive press but I’ve been struggling to read it. If I loved it, or even just liked it, I’d have finished it days ago. But I just don;t feel drawn to the characters and I’m not that interested in finding out what happens to them. I think I might put it aside and come back to it later in the summer, rather than forcing myself to finish now.  A little space and a new perspective might be what we both need.

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