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My Happy Life

24 Jun

I survived the first day of summer school. I slept with my night guard last night, so I didn’t wake up with a sore jaw. There were a few first day glitches, but not too many. The buses were timely and breakfast & lunch happened. Having survived Day 1, I think I can take the next 18. Yup, there are only 19 teaching days in summer school.There will be some days that are better than others, but I will make it to July 25th and be a better person for it.

Getting through the first day got me thinking about a new book from Sweden: My Happy Life by Rose Lagerkrantz.


Dani’s life is very happy.Well, it was. Some things go wrong and she has a tough time. But, as you can surely guess, she comes out stronger at the end. This is a simple chapter book that tackles real life and demonstrates how kids can be resilient, bouncing back from adversity. The illustrations are sweet


and remind me a little of Marla Frazee’s work. This is a nice read for someone ready to move into easy chapter books.

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