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The “Kiss Me, Hardy” Pullover

2 Jul

For a Hub reading Challenge finale, we  can submit a reader’s response to our favorite book.  My favorite was 


Code Name Verity, which I read in December for pleasure. For the Hub Challenge, I listened to the audio, because it also won an Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults award.

There is a  literary movement in knitting, where knitters create pieces related to a particular book or character.  So, I decided to celebrate the book by knitting a sweater.

Julie’s sweater shows up at the beginning of the book, where she tells us she traded 4 sets of wireless codes to get it back. Later, she tells us that the sweater was knit by her French nanny, who unraveled wool from  a sunset-colored suit tailored in Ormaie in 1912. Because Julie had the sweater, Maddie recognized her at the end, when Julie shouted “KISS ME, HARDY! Kiss me, QUICK!”

I did some research about knitting during World War II. The Victoria & Albert Museum has patterns for knitting for British servicemen & Women, and I even found a pullover for servicewomen.

2006ac6476_jaeger_handknit_essentials_for_the_forces2 2006ac6453_v_necked_pullover

So, the pattern was chosen. Now I could think about the fun part: YARN. An elegant French suit would not be made out of plain wool. I figured I would need to find a silk blend and decided on Blue Moon Fibre Arts LSS (Luscious Single Silk) in “True Blood” Red. Near the end, when Maddie recognizes Julie she calls the sweater a “flame-colored pullover”, so this seemed to be an excellent color for the sweater.


I started knitting the back  on Saturday. We are having a heat wave, so I have an excuse to bring the bassets into the bedroom and knit in my one air-conditioned room. And think a bit about a book that I love.

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