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The Oregon Basset Hound Games Are Coming!

12 Jul

IMG (2)

The Oregon Basset Hound Games will be held next Sunday (July 21st)  in Legion Park in Woodburn, Oregon. need less to say, I’ve been busy with basset hound stuff this week.

Last Sunday we had our last meeting before the Games.

Yesterday, I took Daisy for her booster shots & we signed her adoption papers.

All week I’ve been working on our last minute decision to get new t-shirts. A volunteer created the design above. I tracked down someone who could make them before Sunday. I told the committee & the t-shirt lady we will have decision by noon today.

Tonight, I’m transporting a bonded pair (Daisy & Molly) from their current foster (who is going on vacation) to another foster home.

Take a look at your calendar. If you are free next Sunday, come & join us. The event is free for spectators. Only bassets who want to participate in events have to pay ( a mere $10 for all events). It s a fun day and I promise you will laugh. The events include a puppy dash, marathon napping, limbo,best howler and many more. There is also an amazing raffle. I knit a sweater for the raffle every year. here are a couple of little pics of this year’s sweater ( size ladies’ medium):

IMG_0957_square   IMG_0962_square

I hope to see you in Woodburn next Sunday. Registration opens at 8:30 & the Games begin about 10:30.

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