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Looking beneath the surface

17 Jul

I spent a lot of my youth under water. I took and taught swimming lessons, worked as a lifeguard and swam in the Great Lakes. Some new books explore underwater in a way I never did.


Papa’s Mechanical Fish (written by Candance Fleming and illustrated by Boris Kulikov) is loosely based on the true story of Lodner phillips who was obsessed with building a submarine. In a folksy style reminiscent of Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek   and Apples to Oregon By Deborah Hopkinson, Fleming shows us how Lodner saw inspiration in everyday activities with his family. Kulikov’s illustrations are wonderful and really capture life underwater and the energy of Papa’s desire to invent, even when tings go wrong.

For those who prefer more factual reading there is Weird Sea Creatures by Erich Hoyt.


I can’t decide if I’m fascinated or horrified by the creatures that live in the deepest parts of the ocean. Erich Hoyt introduces his readers to  50 of the weirdest creatures you will ever meet in the sea:carnivorous comb jelly, lantern-carrying deep-sea dragonfish, vampire squid with giant eyes  and  dancing jellyfish. All will amaze the reader. 




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