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Some simple fun

19 Jul

Sometime the simplest things offer the most fun. When I was very young, we had a wooden footstool I liked to turn upside down, sit in & imagine I was driving a car. Here are two, simple books, with lots of room for kids to use their imaginations.


Windblow  by Édouard Manceau is the tale of some bits of paper, tossed about by the wind. With each turn of the page they transform into something new. Each new shape tells a new story. Even the wind has a story to tell.

I’m sure, like me, your mind is imagining the creations your kids can make and the stories they can create to accompany their pictures. Owl Kids, the publisher, makes it easy by offering a link to the shapes Manceau uses in his stories. Of course, you can always make your own, too. You can download the shapes here  or here

Click to access windblown-activity.pdf

Nikki McClure’s books are always simple  and beautiful. Her detailed  black & white woodcuts  in How To be A Cat , almost makes me want to be a cat person.


Each two-page spread is simply a wood cut and a verb. And that is the beauty of the book. As an ESL teacher now, I can imagine lots of ways to use this book. As a teacher of writing, I can imagine using this to help kids learn to add details to their writing. I can also picture kids just sitting quietly, enjoying this book.

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