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Enjoying local color

4 Aug

There are no big trips for me this summer. Between summer school Fiona’s surgery and workshops, I was too busy to go anywhere so I filled my summer with local activities.

Henry is not a pig who likes to wander. He likes his neat, tidy sty and considers the farm he sees outside his window, a messy place.


But Henry’s Map, by David Elliot soon, sees Henry venturing outside, around the farm, mapping it. Along the way he makes friends with the other animals who tag along as he makes his map. When they sit atop a hill and compare the farm to the map they realize something terrible: they are not there. The story is simple,  and well-paced. His illustrations have a classic farm book quality, but I especially like the simple black line maps that look like something any child could create.

Yes Let’s by Galen Goodwin Longstreth and illustrated by Maris Wicks ventures away from him, but only for a day.


This sweet story celebrates low tech family outings. Each page has a rhyming couplet and each line begins with “let’s”.

“Let’s wake up extra early, / before the day gets hot. / Let’s pack a picnic, hurry up / – ready or not.”

In the detailed pictures we see the family  (a mom, a dad, their four kids, and a dog) get up, and get ready then head into the car for a day trip to a local forest.  They enjoy a hike,, a swim , some games, and a picnic  before they, head on home and collapse, exhausted, happy and eager for another adventure on another day.

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