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Top 30 Reads of 2006

11 Aug

here is someone else’s flashback. Los of good reading here.

Waking Brain Cells

On to another year’s worth of reading.  Here are my favorite reads from 2006, with a reminder that this is the year I changed jobs and moved to a new city.  Despite that, I had to severely pare down my list because there were far too many amazing titles.  I got it down to 30, but not without some heartache.

An Abundance of Katherines 117997 Bebe Goes Shopping

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green (reviewed September 22, 2006)

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, illustrated by Henry Cole (reviewed December 21, 2006)

Bebe Goes Shopping by Susan Middleton Elya, illustrated by Steven Salerno (reviewed May 7, 2006)

Terrier (Beka Cooper, #1)  Born to Rock Clay

Beka Cooper: Terrier by Tamora Pierce (reviewed December 11, 2006)

Born to Rock by Gordon Korman (reviewed November 15, 2006)

Clay by David Almond (reviewed May 3, 2006)

 Clementine (Clementine, #1) 

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