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Pie vs Pi

14 Aug

A little homage to Mad Magazine in my title today, but let me start with a funny story I heard years ago, which might be a Canadian urban myth.

Many years ago, when a member of the Royal Family was visiting some rural location in Canada ¬†and a dinner of some sort was involved. (I always envision a church basement sort of affair, with lots of folksy rural people about.) When the main course was over and desert was about to be served, the woman serving the royal person is reported to have said, “Keep your fork, Duke. There’s pie.”

I got to thinking about this story while reading¬†Pi in the Sky by Wendy Mass. Joss, the main character is the seventh son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe. his job is to deliver pies. But these aren’t ordinary pies; they are the glue that holds the fabric of the universe together.


This was an OK read. Here’s the upside:

Mass has created a unique world in The Realms, which exist in dark matter. She tells a great story of friendship and perseverance. I like the cool quotes from scientists that introduce each chapter. And I like that it explains dark matter and gets readers thinking about the nature of the universe and life after death. I also like the fact that Carl Sagan makes an appearance.

The downside is that I wasn’t really that engaged by the story. There seems to be a lot of rushing about and it feels like things are being made up as we go along. I realize that is what actually happens in literature, but the reader isn’t supposed to notice it.

I don’t really see many kids at my school reading this. They might pick it up because they’ve liked Mass’ previous books, but I don’t think most will enjoy this book as much as they did her others.

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