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Crowns and Little Kingdoms

21 Aug

When I was a kid and my mom got really mad, she would often say “I’ll crown you!” to us. There is a family story that my eldest sister Karen once had the audacity to reply “Make mine pearls!”. It might have been diamonds.  Either way, it did not end well.

We are all kings & queens of our own little kingdoms, even Fiona & Lucy, who I often affectionately call Princess Pokeypants and Princess Poopypants. I  tell Fiona that she is the slowest dog in Christendom. Lucy doesn’t really poop her pants. She’s just cute.

Teachers are the kings & queens of their classrooms, though we don’t make the kids call us by anything other than our names. ( I once had a kid ask if he could call me Homey G.  I said no.) This year, we are adopting a pushing model for ESL and I am moving into someone else’s room. Each grade level has an assigned ESL teacher housed in another teacher’s classroom. The 4th grade team meets today to start working out how all this will work.There will require some negotiating of territory, professional and personal. The teacher whose room I am sharing has been very welcoming and is excited about our new co-teaching & collaboration model.

In Kelsey Green, Reading Queen, by Claudia Mills, Kelsey perceives herself as the Queen of Reading in her class.


When a reading contest is announced at school, Kelsey is determined to win. She scopes out her competition and comes up with a plan to determine if he’s cheating.

Claudia Mills gets kids. Every teacher has had a Kelsey, the kid who hides a book under the desk during Math to find out what happens.  In fact, the classroom I’m moving into will have 2 this year. Mills also understands the motivation of kids this year and how they come to understand the world. In her effort to get encourage the one kid in their class who isn’t reading for the contest, Kelsey struggles with her personal goal to win, but comes out a better person for it. In spying on  “the competition” she gets to know him better. In the end she makes 2 friends and that is a far better prize than winning the contest. although that’s pretty good, too.

The back cover indicates that there are 2 more books coming in the series, involving Kelsey’s 2 best friends: Annika Riz, Math Whiz  and Izzy Barr, Running Star.

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