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Whose story is it? by Nan Marino

25 Aug

I loved this post and thought you would, too. I remember Mr. Ziegler, my grade 8 teacher, reading aloud to us. I also remember Mrs. LeBreton’s voice as she did the “La la la la la” from “Ping”. What read aloud memories do you have?

Nerdy Book Club

The first (and only) time I heard the story Charlotte’s Web was in fourth grade.

My teacher, Mrs. Ziccardi, read the book aloud.

I remember how thirty-three fourth graders leaned toward her when she said that first line, “Where’s papa going with that ax?” and how the pages rustled when she turned them. Every morning before lunch, we would sit in the classroom with our heads on our desks and the lights out listening to Mrs Ziccardi read. The day that she got to the part where Charlotte spins the words “SOME PIG” in her web, we refused to go to lunch.  Instead we pleaded, “One more chapter. Pleeease!”


A few years ago, I picked up the book again, but I put it down after a few pages. Sometimes when we look at a childhood favorite through the prism of adulthood, the story seems different, and for this book…

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