Our team took a big hit yesterday

28 Aug

We are losing a teacher.

On Monday, we found out our kinder numbers are lower than projected and we were now considered over-staffed by 0.5. Yesterday we found out who would have to move. One of our kinder teachers will leave for a full-time position at another school and we will get a new teacher for what is now a half-time kin die job. We are devastated because this teacher has been at our school a very long time and seems woven into it’s very fabric.

At noon today we will all gather in her room, help her pack, move and unpack. It is the only formal good-bye we will get. She is being a very good sport about it all. She took a big hit for the team

In Octopus Alone,  written and illustrated by Divya Srinivasan, Octopus in not a team player.


She lives alone in a cave and likes to watch the other sea creatures play, but rarely plays with them. She moves farther and farther away as they approach, until she finds  a cozy cave where she is completely alone. And then she realizes alone isn’t what she really wants after all.

I wish our departing team member all the best as she joins her new team.

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