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I heart Margaret Atwood

13 Sep


MaddAddam is here. In my house. We are spending the weekend together.

This is the 3rd book in the  post-apocalyptic science fiction trilogy she began with 2003’s Oryx and Crake. Now I realize that this has nothing to do with children’s lit, YA lit or basset hounds, but I have to talk about it because I’m so thrilled.

My first encounter with Margaret Atwood came in my Grade 13 lit class where we read her poetry. (Thank you Mrs. Enticknap!) Then, I got to meet her because, like me, Margaret Atwood is a Vic girl. She attended Victoria College in the University of Toronto and attended sour annual Christmas dinner every year. I was surprised at how small she was.

I think the first novel I read was The Handmaid’s Tale. Next, I was given  The Blind Assassin  as a Christmas gift. And over the years, I’ve read her other books, novels and short stories. I think the older I get the more I like her.

If you’ve never read any Margaret Atwood, consider starting with one of her short story collections.My two favorites are Moral Disorder and  Wilderness Tips.  I hope they lead you to read more.

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