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A little friendly competition

26 Sep

When I was taught to outline, there was a protocol using for numbers, Roman numerals and letters. In word, when bulleting, you get the same three choices if you want something other than an actual bullet or arrow. But which is best? How do you chose?

In Mike Boldt’s 123 versus ABC   numbers and letters both want to be the stars of the book.


Their debate escalates when funny animals and props start arriving: 1 alligator, 2 bears, 3 cars. You can see where this is going. Each grouping of new animals and objects are highlighted in the text and I found myself wanting to count each monkey or lion to make sure there were, in fact, that exact number.  This is not a number/alphabet book for beginners. Some of the humor is a little sophisticated for early readers, but made me laugh, like the page on which A states that “today is Bring Your Lowercase to Work Day. Here is little a.” Of course I loved the fact that 25 balls of yarn were needed to knit sweaters for 26 zebras. I always enjoy a good knitting reference.

This book would be a fun read aloud, as 1 and A both have very strong voices.


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