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The Art of Kadir Nelson

13 Oct


I kind of know now what it is like to meet me for the first time. When Kadir Nelson walked up to the registration table yesterday I gave him my usual cheery greeting. He was very nice, but quiet and reserves. Just like I am in new situations with strangers.  People who know me don’t often remember how quiet I was when they first met me. I was an extremely shy child and it had taken me years to become more outgoing. The desire to change came from within, and that was a lot of what Kadir talked about last night.

He told us about his beginnings as a 3-year-old artist. He took us through his middle and high school years. And he talked about the people who really taught him and influenced him, like the English teacher that wasn’t going to give him a B just because he played basketball. But do you know what Kadir did? He took the initiative to g up tho that teach rand ask her to help him get better.

He talked a lot about perseverance, about doing the work so that, when an opportunity presents itself, you are ready to take it. He talked about finding your way home and the power of beauty to overcome negativity.

It was a great way to end a great conference!

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