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Trees and Leaves

3 Nov

All the leaves have fallen from the single tree at the back of my place.  Fiona & Lucy, who have had to plow through the leaves to go potty, are glad that the leaves have now been gathered up. Our local park is also full of bare trees and covered in fallen leaves. Oh, and did I mention it is raining, too?


I think of Laurelhurst Park as my back yard. I especially love this point in Fall, when only the stalwart come to the park. The summer people, who are loud and rowdy, are gone.

Imagine how awful it would be to move from a city with a lot of green space to one with little. I would be disheartened. But in  The Tree Lady by H. Joseph Hopkins,


we see that one tree loving woman can change a city forever. This is the true story of Kate Sessions, who was a strong and  intelligent woman ahead of her time – going to school and getting a degree in science when women just didn’t do such things. When she moved to San Diego from San Francisco in 1883, she was dismayed at the barren landscape. With her background in horticulture, she transformed the city from a  desert to the beautiful, green city it is today.

This is a good introductory biography that shows readers that one person can make a big difference.

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