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Evolving ideas about dinosaurs

13 Nov

When I was the librarian, the dinosaur section was always a mess. The kids couldn’t get enough of the books. Some were checked out multiple times a year by the same kids. Some were repaired until they had to be retired. If I were still there, I’d add this book to the section:


In case you can’t read the tiny font, the subtitle is How do we know what dinosaurs really looked like?.

Sibert medalist Catherine Thimmesh takes not simply onto the world of dinosaurs, but into the world of scientists and how paleoartists use scientific processes to bring us face to face with the past.

Have you ever wondered what an artist does when asked to portray something that nobody has ever seen?It is  a combination of science and educated guesses followed up by corrections as new knowledge becomes available. The author gives a brief history of dinosaur art starting with the work of B.W. Hawkins up to the present day. The artwork included in the book is amazing and comes from the either historical artists or the artists that the author interviewed for the book. Endpapers provide a timeline of the Mesozoic Era and dinosaur groups. Material in the back  gives information on each of the different artists and their knowledge and experiences.It also includes a glossary, bibliography and index.

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