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Pedal Power

15 Nov

My eyes nearly bugged out of my head one day last summer, as I drove past the  Joan of Arc roundabout at Northeast 39th Avenue and Glisan Street. It was full of naked cyclists! Portland is a great place to bicycle and get naked.


All the people in the photos in Pedal It! How Bicycles are Changing the World by Michelle Mulder are clothed.


The book provides a survey of the bicycle: a cultural history, a course in mechanics, a bit of a physics and economic class and a springboard for innovation. In a  highly engaging tone, Muller proceeds roughly chronologically, and occasionally goes off on an interesting  tangent in colorful boxed asides. She twines the mechanics of bicycles with cultural phenomenon, the environmental benefits of cycling and even the change in women’s fashions. This book is way more fun than cycling naked!

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