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Graphic Dust Bowl

17 Dec

Things that were history to me are now ancient history to the kids I teach. Because my parents lived through the depression and World War II, they were familiar to me. But now, these and many other important parts of our history are so distant to my students. These are the memories of their great grandparents, if they have them. And at my school, where over 60% of the students receive ESL services, the Dust Bowl isn’t  part of any family member’s memory.

Enter The Great American Dust Bowl by Don Brown.


This is an excellent introduction to the dust bowl. The text is presented in a simple, but thoroughly researched, style. Brown provides the scientific explanations for the dust storms as well as first hand accounts. But it is the art that really makes this a valuable tool. How can you really explain the dust bowl to someone who has never seen it or even heard of it? In a graphic form, of course. This is the perfect tool for introducing kids to the dust bowl.

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