A Sticky Situation

3 Jan

My company left yesterday. Not without a little drama. First, when we checked their flight the night before the departure, it was cancelled. A lot of time on the phone with United Airlines later, a new flight was arranged that was even more convenient than the first. Alas, when they got to Chicago, the 2nd leg had been cancelled. They were rerouted to Montreal where they had to spend the night in the airport before getting and Air Canada flight at 6:30 ET this morning. Yes, that have landed in Toronto and are now on their way to the basketball tournament in Stratford, Ontario that will keep them from home until Sunday night.

I had the confirmation number and was following their progress throughout the United  Airlines website and on Facebook.

While they wrangled with air transportation, I read The Gumazing Gum Girl! Chews Your Destiny by Rhode Montijo.


The opening chapter is entitled “A Sticky Situation”.


The main character, Gabby, is not caught in the web of intercontinental travel on the verge of stormageddon. Instead, she is a gum-loving girl who, in fact, wakes up with I’m in her hair. This incident compels her mother to give a terrifying ultimatum: NO MORE GUM! Walking to school, Gabby finds one last piece and defies her mother’s order. She blows an enormous bubble that touches electrical wires, explodes and becomes covered in gum. Gabby is transformed into

imagesFunny pictures and simple text make this a great read that seems to be the start of a new series.

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