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Thank you, Crazy Basset Lady!

30 Jan

My work day started off really poorly. I wanted to say crappily, but thought I should have more decorum. But it really was a crappy start to my day. I won’t belabor you with details. Let’s just say I’m looking forward to Spring Break because February is always the longest month at school. even though it is the month with the fewest days. Apparently I’m not alone because you can buy a t-shirt letting everyone know how you feel.


My day got better once the kids arrived and I could do what I love doing. It continued to improve as the day rolled on.

I got home & took the girls out for our usual evening constitutional. Just as we were about to round the last corner before home, a woman stuck her head out of the car and yelled “I love bassets!” The car pulled over and a nice young couple got out. Their basset, Sam, was in the back of their car. I warned them about Lucy’s personality disorder and they just accepted it & left Sam in the back. He & I got to meet a bit later, once the woman had a good hold of Lucy. They were such nice young couple!!!!!  And they sort of restored my faith in humanity. They moved to Portland not that long ago and were super excited to find out about the Oregon Basset Hound Games and other outlets for crazy basset people.It was just nice being around a positive adult.She helped my end way better than it started.

So to all the crazy basset ladies out there,


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