Snowmageddon: Day 4

9 Feb

Today it is more like Icemageddon. My front stoop, which my neighbor has religiously been shoveling for the last 3 days, is now an ice rink.


Fiona can’t walk on it.Her arthritic old legs are too unstable on ice, so I have stamped down a path for her out the back door, which hasn’t been shoveled at all.


She doesn’t love this, especially since she crashes through the icy crust of she steps off the “path”. But she can walk  without falling here. I’m not even taking Lucy out the front. I tried first thing this morning but she slipped all over.

I am getting a little stir crazy. I read Two Boys Kissing and finished knitting a baby sweater for a baby shower on the 20th.Now, I have no knitting project to work on. I have a couple of  books sitting beside me, that I will probably pick up shortly: The Kingdom of Little Wounds, Killer of Enemies, and Anna Was Here. I have yet to decide which I feel most like reading right now.


More on these later.

How are you spending Icemageddon?

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