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Slice of Life Tuesday: Ms. B’s Movie

18 Feb


One of our 4th graders, let’s call him E,  was seriously hurt in a sledding accident during last weekend’s snow storm. He was hospitalized Sunday for a lacerated liver (!!!) and just got out on Saturday. His home room teacher, the counselor & I dropped by to visit him at home yesterday. I think the highlight was viewing the video his teacher, Ms. B. made for him.

It should have been simple project: shoot some video at school, toss it into iDVD and voila!

The kids really like E, who is smart, funny and nice to everyone. So when Ms.  B found an Oregon Ducks doll, they all agreed it would be fun to put the doll in E’s seat and let him participate in what E was missing. They had a blast with the project. They asked the doll questions, took him to PE and recess, and walked him in the hall. The glitch came when Ms. B., who had recorded the day on her iPad, tried to transfer it to her laptop to create the movie. Our school iPads require an administrator’s password to initiate conversations between devices. We don’t have anyone in our building with the password. Ms. B. asked our tech guy. He saw no way out, contacted IT and was still waiting two days later.

Friday afternoon, I had an idea. Our iPads all have the Dropbox app. Couldn’t we create an account, upload it and then open our Dropbox account on the laptop? So, I spent most of the Valentine’s Day parties working on this. I don’t have a homeroom, so it was possible for me to mess around with things. It turns out that, I could download Dropbox onto my own school laptop, assigned to me, but not on Ms. B’s, so I made an account for her too.

She had the movie finished & burned to a DVD to give to E on Sunday. It took a village to get the project finished, but the end product made E and his family laugh. And, in a way, maybe that’s what Valentine’s day should be about.

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