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Puppy Love: A Slice of Life Story

25 Feb

I am a volunteer with Oregon Basset Hound Rescue. In that capacity I do a number of things including home visits for potential adopters or fosters,  intakes of dogs being relinquished, and meet & greets, where families meet a new dog they are thinking of adopting.

Many people who apply indicate that they want a young dog. I get to tell them that we rarely get puppies and mostly get adult or senior dogs. This week was different though. We have three 3 month old puppies. Mom was a big girl, a 60 lb basset. Dad was a chihuahua. That makes everybody smile as they try to figure out the logistics of how that happened. In any case, a good Samaritan in Eastern Oregon contacted us and brought them to the Metro Portland area so we could find them homes.

We didn’t post them. We would have been flooded by well-intentioned people. Instead, we all thought about our previous adopters, especially the ones who, instead of getting the young dog they’d hoped for, took in an older dog. It was payback time.

Yesterday I went to see the puppies with a young couple who adopted from us in November. I got there a little early and had snuggle time with the girls. Here they are in order: Biscuit, Big Girl, and Trixie.




The couple brought their dog, Benny, who is possibly the most laid back basset I’ve ever seen. They met with the puppies for almost 2 hours, knowing they could always say no, yes, but not today, or take one home. They tried each girl out alone with Benny. By that time I knew they’d say yes to someone. In the end they took Biscuit home for a trial period. We always tell people to give it a few weeks before we make things official. So, Big Girl and Trixie are left together, waiting for just the right people to come along. and make them part of their family.


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