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Josephine Baker for kids?

3 Mar

She was famous for her  Banana Dance.

It might seem surprising at first that Patricia Hruby Powell has written a children’s biography about Josephine Baker. But Josephine: The Dazzling Life of Josephine Baker is really good.


I didn’t know very much about Josephine Baker before I read this book. I think the extent of my knowledge was the Al Stewart song Josephine Baker, where he talks about her dancing in a Paris cabaret. But she was so much more than just a cabaret star. Like many african Americans, such as Nina Simone, Baker left the US for France, where she could perform in non-segregated theaters. She was also a civil rights activist and World War  II spy!

The blank verse of the book pulses with the rhythms of Josephine’s dance and the acrylic illustrations, by Christian Robinson enervate the text.


This is not a traditional biography, though it provides resources in the back. But it is definitely worth reading.

Trixie found a new home-SOLSC #3

3 Mar


Trixie was the shyest of the three puppies. And the smallest. But boy, what a difference a week makes. Trixie’s been an only pup since Thursday. Today, I took her to meet a potential adopter. It was love at first sight. He was smitten. She was frisky and playful. Her confidence has grown significantly since last weekend.She explored her new house, ran under the legs of her new brother, a black lab, and snuggles with her new dad.  It as though she is a different pup.

I was a bit of a late bloomer, too. Thank goodness there are people willing to take the time with us, knowing that our potential will blossom, when the time is right.

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