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My Sinus Infection-SOLSC 5

5 Mar

I took yesterday afternoon off to go to the doctor. I HATE going to the doctor, but my sinuses have been wonky for a few weeks and now my ears have joined the party. For a week I’ve been having trouble hearing kids and I have found myself leaning forward, cupping an ear with my hand, to hear what a kid is saying. Just like Miggery Sow in  The Tale of Despereaux.  Eh?!

The good news is my blood pressure is great and my asthmatic lungs sounded great.

I was chastised for being delinquent on all those annual things a woman approaching 50 is supposed to do. They were gentle because they wanted me to do them and I promised I would, and meant it.

My sinuses, throat and ears were all inflamed. We talked about the colors of my mucus and the other symptoms I’ve been experiencing (facial pain, pain in my back teeth, ear pressure) and I was prescribed my own pharmacy.


Three of the prescriptions were annual renewals for asthma management. One was a nose spray in anticipation of allergy season. The other two were for the sinus issues. I got prescription pseudoephedrine and was told by the pharmacist that I was not allowed to make meth with it. He seriously told me that! It’s been a very long time since I’ve had prescription  pseudoephedrine and boy,  have they tightened up on that. I needed a certificate from the doctor and then had to sign a form for it, after having the not very serious discussion with the pharmacist. The antibiotic I was prescribed is HUGE. The first one went down nicely with a Diet Coke, though.


And so, I am hopeful that the goldfish bowl that’s been on my head will soon be gone. Better living through chemicals.

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