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Budget reduction day SOLSC 10

10 Mar

There’s no school today. We call it a budget reduction day. Last year we called them furlough days, but changed the wording so parents understood why their kids were home. It’s one of those blessing/ curse scenarios. I am thrilled to have a long weekend, but it makes me sad to think of the reason why and the implications for education.  Friday was also the last day for one of our 4th graders who is moving. Twice he told me it was bittersweet. and now I’m thinking of words and phrases that embody the idea of good and bad,ambiguity,  or just bad and worse.

Double-edged sword

Six of one, half-dozen of the other

Of two minds

Cuts both ways


Kill two birds with one stone

Two sides of the same coin

The lesser of two evils

The devil you know vs. the devil you don’t

One step forward, two steps back

Between a rock and a hard place

A blessing and a curse

A love hate relationship

Sometimes you’re the hammer, sometimes you’re the nail

For my part, I’m embracing the day and doing the thing I enjoy doing. The kettle is on for tea, I have a knitting project to work on, and I’m about to watch the last disc of  Downton Abbey, Season 4.


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