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Harold’s Point SOLSC 20

20 Mar

It’s cold and rainy. Again. So I decided it was time to go to a better place, one of my favorite places.

Scan 12

That’s me on the right with my twin sister. This picture was probably taken in about 1970.


Here’s the same spot more recently. The trees are a little taller, but it is still the same.

This is Harold’s Point, in Killbear Provincial Park on Georgian Bay. I camped here many a time as a kid and as an adult, though I haven’t been there in almost 2 decades. My family still goes and I get lectures of them jumping off the cliff.


That’s not me. I think I may have jumped once in my life, but I don’t really enjoy leading from great heights.

My memories of this place are vivid .  The rocks are warm and the air smells like pine forests. I remember picking tiny wild blueberries while wearing slip-on red plaid sneakers. In the old days, we used to just take a bar of soap into the icy cold water, but nowadays, there are very nice showers.There was hiking and I remember sitting on benches or stumps to watch nature movies or park ranger presentations.  Of course, there was lots of time spent reading or digging on the sandy beach. I think I got some of my best tans there.

I’ve started to think about my summer plans, which will involve a trip to see my parents and I’ve been thinking about Killbear a lot. Maybe, when I go North to visit my sister, we can go over for a night or two of camping.

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