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2014 Hub Reading Challenge check-in #7

22 Mar

In spite of all this, I actually managed two HUB Challenge books. I have finally read Better Nate Than Ever  by Tim Federle. It was OK. I didn;t really love it, but I can see why many people did. It’s sequel, Five, Six, Seven, Nate, on my pile of Spring Break Books.

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I also read  Rust V.2: Secrets of the Cell by Royden Lepp.


This is a graphic novel that I enjoyed, but I really wish i’d read the first volume. Secrets of the Cell follows the story of a young-looking mechanical soldier powered by a fuel cell. The soldier runs away from his place of service and attempts to hide as a semi-normal boy living with a family and helping out. A young man discovers his secret and their previously cordial relationship devolves with the young man not trusting the mechanical soldier. The mechanical soldier later has a choice to make – save the young man or escape and maintain his freedom and ability to function.The artwork is excellent and helped me fill in bits I probably would have known had I read the first book.

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The Rule of Three SOLCS 22

22 Mar

The rule of three popped up a couple of places this week. First of all, three kids left our 4th grade team this week, one from each class. Our staff is anxiously awaiting the birth of the 3rd March baby.I was also touched by three car accidents.

One of our teachers, who happens to be pregnant, was rear ended on her way to school. The office staff insisted she check in with her doctor and called a sub. Her teammates pulled a day together for her sub and the teacher was back at school the next day.

My teaching partner’s sister lives in rural California. Her car went off the road and she was trapped in a river, where she had to wait for a few hours before she could be safely rescued. Her dog was swept downriver and has not been found. My teammate left Thursday to care for her sister who required surgery on her leg.

Finally, I am going to a funeral this morning for a young man who died in a car crash this week. It will be held in the Greek Orthodox Church we both attend. His body was moved to the church last night, where there was a short service, followed bay an all night reading of the Psalms. This is one of my favorite traditions. People sign up to take a one hour shift, usually with someone else. We do the same thing at Easter time and it is a deeply moving experience to be alone in the church with the body of the deceased, praying the Psalms. It is a beautiful way to honor a life, ended too soon.

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