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Flycatching SOLSC 24

24 Mar

The beautiful weather of the last few days saw me leaving doors and windows open. This, of course, lets in flies.   Lucy is obsessed and sits on high alert until she catches sight of any intruders.


Once she catches sight  of a fly, she dashes off, running back and forth, in hot pursuit. Occasionally, I hear the SNAP of her jaws as she gets close enough to catch the fly. She rarely succeeds.

I dislike having flies in the house, but use a different technique to get rid of them, putting in almost as much effort as Lucy. Knowing that flies are attracted to light, I turn off all the lights in the house, save those in the kitchen. I unlock  the back door, which leads from the kitchen to the back yard,  and leave it open.  The fly will eventually enter the kitchen. Once it does, I turn off the kitchen light and, with luck, the fly will exit through the open kitchen door, which I close immediately.

Lucy and I about equally as successful. I could get a fly swatter, but success with that tool just makes me gag. Lucy gags, too, if she actually catches a fly. The chase is always better than the catch.

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