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Testing SOLSC 25

25 Mar

This morning I took the Middle School English Language Arts test required to add a MS LA endorsement to my teaching license. I love my job teaching ESL through writing in 4th grade. But it’s had me thinking about where I ultimately want to be. And I’m thinking maybe that might be back in middle school. I’ve talked this over with my principal because I’m not planning on changing jobs no matter what.I will only apply for jobs I really feel I might want to do.And maybe I will stay where I am.

So, a few weeks ago I signed up to take the test on the first day of Spring Break. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a standardized test. Growing up in Canada, we didn’t do these, so the first one I did was to get my Oregon teaching license. The last test I took, about 6 years ago, was for my library/media endorsement. I did a Master’s program in addition to that paper and pencil test.


Apparently, as with the kids, paper and pencil tests are long gone for professional tests. I had to arrive 15 minutes before my test time at the testing center. Testing center? It was a room full of 20 or so computers with people taking standardized tests of all sorts. Before I could enter that room, though, I had to register. This involved providing photo ID, getting my picture taken and recording imprints of both my right and left palms. Bizarro! I had to lock everything except my ID in a locker than i went on to the computer rom. The fellow at the door reread my palm, checked I had nothing in my pockets or hood, or tucked in my socks. Sheesh. Once I was declared “clean” I was escorted into the room to my computer terminal, where I was able to begin the test. It all felt very Gattaca.

The test was about what I expected. Like the students who will do their state test next month, I received my score once finished. It’s nice not to have to wait to find out that I passed. I am doing the Middle School Social Sciences test next week. I’m a little more worried about that test. No matter how that test turns out, I will be adding MS LA to my teaching license, once I send in the paperwork and a check for $100.

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