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Read the Label SOLSC 27

27 Mar

I was standing in the kitchen this morning, waiting for the coffee to brew and marveling at the fact that I’d slept in until 7. As my eyes wandered around the kitchen,they landed on the bottle of Fiona’s new antibiotic.

We finally got the results of the ear culture last Friday. The bacteria in her ears is resistant to almost everything, including the drops we had been using for over a year. Her ear vet prescribed an oral antibiotic, Clindamycin, and drops that had to be mixed up at a compounding pharmacy, Polymixin. Ploymixin is new to me, but I have great affection for Clindamycin because it was my drug of choice when I went through six MRSA infections in my legs several years ago.

As I was saying, my eyes landed on the bottle of Fiona’s new antibiotic and I got to thinking about the size of the bottle. She is supposed to be on the medication for four weeks. Even though she’s been on it since Monday,  it seemed that the bottle looked full. So I picked it up and read the label to see how many capsules were in the bottle. And that;s when I realized my error. The label says “Give 2 capsules twice daily for 4 weeks, with food.” Oopsy. I’ve only been giving one capsule twice daily.

I don’t remember actually reading the label before this morning. And I certainly don’t remember  what was said to me when I picked up the meds. But, from this morning on, Fiona is getting 2 capsules twice a day.


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