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Planting Dahlias

28 Mar

I had a large garden at my old house. Here, in the condominium, I am a container gardener. In past years I have varied between pots of tomatoes and basil and flower baskets purchased through school fundraiser. This year, though, I’ve been nostalgic for my dahlia garden.

One part of the yard at my old house was devoted to dahlias. In some ways, I think of them as grandma flowers. They are old-fashioned, but I love their size, hardiness and colors. So, I bought some bulbs this year and today, I planted them in the pots on my front stoop. They make such lovely cut flowers and I do love to have them inside the house. They are planted and now I have to wait.

The beauty of a pre-fab flower basket is that the arrive in bloom. By planting my own dahlias, I get the joy of anticipation, the joy of watching the green shoots emerge and the flowers bloom, as spring becomes summer and summer becomes fall. I have to be patient, but  it becomes its own special way of measuring the passage of time.


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