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1 Apr



National Poetry Month begins today, and therefore, so does NaPoWriMo (National poetry Writing Month). I am celebrating it with my reading differentiation group. Ideally we would write a poem every school day in April, but OAKS testing has stepped in to confound things. We meet today & tomorrow, then not again for 2 weeks because groups are cancelled for testing. Sigh.

The website for NaPoWriMo offers many things, not the least of which is a prompt a day. Sometimes these are not really 4th grade friendly, but many times they are. Over the years, I’ve collected the best ones and now have an arsenal of poems that 4th graders can begin and do a good job on within the limits of our group time.


Today’s prompt uses the Bibliomancy Oracle. My prompt came from Robert Frost.

Here are your waters and your watering place.

Drink and be whole again beyond confusion.


from “Directive” by Robert Frost

And here is my response:


All day long

I talk, listen, advise, ask.

Sweet bliss

when I get home

to the peace, the quiet

and sit down

to cup of tea

a book

a dog on either side,

I am whole again.


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