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Keeping a lid on it: A Slice of Life Story

29 Apr

Spring in Oregon is notoriously changeable. It was in the mid 50’s Sunday and is supposed to be in the mid 80’s Thursday. On Sunday we had rain, 1/2 inch hail and glorious sunshine.

With the good weather comes lack of focus. On my part, on the part of the kids. After the last weekend of warm weather, teachers reported record-breaking amounts of homework not done. In one classroom of 26, only 20 kids were present and only 8 turned in their interactive journal. I’ve been known to search for flights to Toronto in July during my plan time.

In 4th grade we tend to keep the good topics for this part of the year: Lewis & Clark, the Oregon Trail, engineering & design. I think all three classes will design and build pet carriers again this year. This is a great project because all 4 of us have dogs, so the kids can build one for a specific pet.

This weekend,it is supposed to be cool & rainy again.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 5.36.36 AM

Maybe that’ll help keep a lid on the end of yearitis.

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