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8 May

We have ducklings!!!!!!!


I was worried we wouldn’t have ducklings at school this year. I’d only seen male ducks in the courtyard, but apparently mom & babies found a new home nearby. I do miss seeing them in the courtyard, but at least they are back. All is well with the world.

Here are two picture books to celebrate bird babies:

In Have You Heard the Nesting Bird, written by Rita Gray and illustrated by Kenard Pak, 


we hear all the different bird calls while waiting with a quiet mama bird  for her eggs to hatch. Each of the twelve birds we see, while we wait, makes a bird call. A great introduction to budding naturalists.

Follow that up with Two Little Birds by Mary Newell DePalma.


This is the story of two little birds who fly south for the first time, and eventually find their way back home. It is loosely based on the actual migration of orchard orioles who fly each year back and forth from the northeastern part of the United States to Central America. It is most appropriate for the youngest early readers, with repetition, rhyming and only a few sentences per page, in big type.

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