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Flights of Fancy

9 May

I’m spending a lot of time looking at flights. Air travel is on my mind. And, as always, there’s a book about it.

On the funny side,  Flight School by Lita Judge  is the story of little Penguin who has the soul of an eagle.


Alas, his body wasn’t built to soar. But Penguin has an irrepressible spirit, and he adamantly follows his dreams to flip, flap, fly! Even if he needs a little help with the technical parts, this penguin is ready to live on the win. He gets by with a little help from his friends. 

More seriously, we have Lindbergh: The Tale of a Flying Mouse by Torben Kuhlmann.


Goodreads SummaryA story of toil and triumph—inspired by Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight!   These are dark times . . . for a small mouse. A new invention—the mechanical mousetrap—has caused all of the mice but one to flee to America, the land of the free. But with cats guarding the steamships, trans-Atlantic crossings are no longer safe. In the bleakest of places . . . the one remaining mouse has a brilliant idea. He must learn to fly!   Torben Kuhlmann’s stunning illustrations will capture the imagination of readers young and old with the death-defying feats of this courageous and persistent young mouse.

The pictures are amazing.




Definitely a book you should take a look at and be inspired.


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