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Some Natural History

11 May

Way back in the olden days, my dad started a butterfly collection with my  sister and I. The coolest specimen in our collection was a Luna Moth Dad caught at work. He used to take us out onto meadows with nets. We’d try to catch what we could. He did all the mounting. We felt no qualms about catching and killing them for our amusement. Nowadays, I;d be horrified and would prefer to admire them in the air, or in a book. MAybe a book like this one:


Handle With Care: An Unusual Butterfly Journey is a nonfiction children’s book written by Loree Griffin Burns and illustrated by Ellen Harasimowicz.Many butterfly books explain the transformation of a caterpillar, but this is the first book I have read that explains how butterflies are shipped to museums and where they begin their journey.   The book describes the work done on a butterfly farm in Costa Rica, as well as the journey the farmed butterflies take. 

Another posthumous work by Jean Graighead George, Galapagos George, is the story of the famous Lonesome George,


a giant tortoise who was the last of his species, lived to be one hundred years old, and became known as the rarest creature in the world. 

Finally, with the arrival of gardening weather, comes the worry over weeds.


Weeds Find a Way by Cindy Jenson-Elliott is a  beautiful picture book celebrating the tenacious temperaments of these pesky plants and is sure to have little ones chanting, 

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