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It’s only a matter of time

20 May


There are only 16 days of school left. There’s excitement and stress in the air as we count down the days.

On the home front, though, I’m having a different sort of experience with time.

Last year, the clock in my car stopped working. I think there must be a short or something because the light that let’s me see what gear I’m in is out too. This is only a problem at night, but I get around it by opening the door to see what the gear box. Fortunately, my car is an automatic.

Last week, the battery in my stopwatch died while I was doing DRAs. I had to remove 7 tiny screws in the back in order to replace the battery.

On Sunday, the clock on my stove died. This is by far the most serious problem because the oven controls are connected to it.  I don’t use the oven very often (and never when it is hot) but the stovetop still works. I have a call in for a repairman and my fingers are crossed.

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