A fun discovery

2 Jun

Every year, I knit a basset hound themed sweater for the raffle at the annual Oregon Basset Hound Games. This year’s sweater is finished. I usually start thinking about the next sweater as the new year rolls around, but I discovered a new yarn recently that I have decided must be part of next year’s sweater.

Ancient Arts Fibre Company has a line of fingering weight yarns entitled Woof  and it is based on dog colors!

I ordered one skein of Basset hound, being modeled here with a sleeping Fiona. It is the lovely rich hues of a red and white basset.


I also ordered a skein of St. Bernard, modeled here by Lucy. Lucy is much smaller than a St. Bernard, but she is tricolor, like a St. Bernard.


Each skein has 400m/437 yards of 100% Superwash Blue Faced Leicester Wool. That’s enough or a pair of socks or gloves, which is what I might knit myself to test these babies.  I have a couple of projects already queued up, but I should get to these before too long. I’ll either have fore or back paws that match my girls. Ideally, I’m thinking of knitting a “match your basset hound” sweater for next year’s Games. I’ll keep you posted.



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