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Bikini disaster

4 Jun

Were you expecting a post about a swimwear tragedy? I will disappoint you today.


This Bikini disaster began in 1946 as part of the US program to test nuclear bombs in the Marshal Islands.Intending to advance scientific knowledge about nuclear bombs and radiation, 67 nuclear bombs were exploded over the region. The twelfth bomb was named Bravo and it sent a cloud of radioactive radiation over the Rongelop Atoll and other nearby inhabited islands.


These islanders suffered burns, cancer, birth defects and other medical issues we now know to expect from radiation poisoning. The book explains why the islands were chosen and details the impact on the islanders, who are still wandering and awaiting compensation. Photos, sidebars, a glossary an bibliography enhance the text.

Pair this with Steve Sheinkin’s Bomb: The Race to Build – and Steal – the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon, Deborah Wiles’ Countdown, or  Todd Strasser’s  Fallout.

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