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In the swim of things

13 Jun


It is often stated that stories about mermaid sightings are often misunderstood encounters with manatees and dugongs.

Well, misunderstands often make for really good stories. Here are two really good new picture books about aquatic life, one from myth and legend, one from real life.


The mermaid and the Shoe by K. G. Campbell tells the story of minnow, one of Neptune’s many daughters. And the daughter who doesn’t quite fit in. She has no skills, talent or beauty, and she asks too many questions. One day a red object appears and Minnow sets of in search of answers to what it might be.


She has adventures and encounters, and finds the answer to her question. When she returns to share what she has discovered, she also learns that she does possess her own  skill, talent and beauty. K. G. Campbell tells a beautiful story in both his words and illustrations.

Equally as inspiring a story is  Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas written by Lynne Cox and illustrated by Brian Floca.


It relates the true story of the Elizabeth, a sea-lion who made her home in the Avon River in Christchurch, New Zealand. She was a bit of a traffic nuisance, so the city moved her out to sea.


But she came back. They moved her further out. She came back again. Eventually, they decided they could live with her and erected signs cautioning drivers. This is a wonderful story of perseverance and acceptance.

If you like to read at the beach, these would be two great pictures books to read on your blanket.

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