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Summer Vacation: Day 1

14 Jun

Today, I had a fantastic, restorative nap on the sofa with Fiona. Lucy had the bed to herself. She likes the blankets just so.


I worked on the Tardis socks I am knitting for my nephew and finished my first book of summer.


The Forbidden StoneĀ  is by Tony Abbott, the author of the Droon series. I didn’t love the book. It was merely OK and there were some parts of the story where I found it hard to suspend my disbelief. That said, it was a faced-paced read with lots of action and adventure. It would be perfect for fans of theĀ 39 Clues series, as it sees a group of kids on a quest to find 12 relics that will recreate a time machine built by Copernicus.It is a little formulaic, but there is some interesting science and history, along with the adventure. I her kids will really like it though and will read through the rest of the books that follow this first in the series.

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