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Tying up loose ends

17 Jun


On Friday, I checked out of school for the summer. That involved boxing up a lot of things because I have no cupboard space (I share a room with a classroom teacher and rotate throughout he 3 4th grade classes throughout the day). A summer school program will run in our hall and our classroom will be a busy place., so I boxed up things I don’t want ┬áthe unknown summer school teacher to use. That’s not very friendly, but this is all my personal stuff and I can;t afford to replace it.

Today, I’m finishing up 2 knitting projects for my nephew, who will be 42 in September. The fun part is done. That’s the knitting. Today, I am weaving in the ends. It is a drop dead boring job, and there are a lot to weave in. It is the denouement of knitting and the project isn’t really done until this happens. I can’t send the projects on until I take this final step. I weave in a few ends, make myself a cup of tea. Weave in a few ends, check Facebook…..

What loose ends do you hate tying up?

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