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Killing time & Mockingbirds

21 Jun

I had a lot of time to kill yesterday.

Thursday,  I was driving to pick up a dog, Bandit, to take him to his new home and  encountered the debris from a blown tire on I-5. It sounded as though I blew a tire, but when I pulled off, the plastic “pan” under the engine had come loose on one side and was dragging on the ground. I got to the Rest Area where I meeting Bandit. It turns out Bandit’s mom had a similar encounter. A kind man made a temporary fix with the spring from a pen. A very MacGyver solution! I called the insurance company & they sent me to a body shop, which I visited yesterday to have the repairs made. And, I read an awesome  book while I waited.


Paul Acampoa’s I Kill the Mockingbird is funny, poignant and a rallying cry about the power of books. Essentially, a trio of teens uses social media to create a campaign to get people to read To Kill a Mockingbird, by hiding copies of the book in bookstores and libraries. Basic supply & demand But it is also about friendship, growing up, life & death. And it references the book that combines two of my three favorite things:


I originally bought I Kill the Mockingbird  for my niece who will be 16 on July 4th, but I think it is a little to young for her. I have a few other titles in mind, but more on those later. If you are looking for a good, fun, quick summer read, that still makes you think, I Kill the Mockingbird  is a perfect choice.

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