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The wallet

15 Jul


I’ve been getting up early these days. It is hot and I like to throw open the doors and open all the windows to air out the house before it heats up outside. The last few days, with the weather in the 90’s, I’ve been getting up at 4. It is an obsession, really. If the girls get up with me at 4, we just go out for a potty break on the yard. Sometime between 6 & 7, I take them for a walk.

Saturday, started off as all days do. On our walk,  I encountered a wallet. I don’t wear my glasses when I walk the dogs, so I could see the big picture. There was a driver’s license and I guessed that the wallet owner’s first name was Laura. I could make out that she lived on Belmont Street, but I couldn’t read the numbers. It looked to me as though there was a substantial amount of Canadian money in the wallet. I took the wallet home to look at it more carefully with my glasses on, in hopes of finding a phone number.

Once home and wearing my glasses, I could see that the money was Australian. In fact, there was $110.00 in Australian currency. There was a bank card and credit cards but no phone number. Using the address on the driver’s license, I searched online for Laura’s phone number. No luck. Anything that might have had her number wanted me to pay for it. I am not that good a Samaritan. So, I decided I would just walk over later that morning.

Naturally, once I got to her address, which was a mere 10 minute walk away, there was no buzzer on her apartment.  I looked all around the building, but the only way in was a nondescript door with no way to call up, no indication of who lived there or how many apartments there were.  I couldn’t even figure out where the letter carrier might leave mail for the occupants. She lived above a cafe, so I went in to ask if they knew her. The counter server said yes she did and she would probably be down shortly. So, with a slight hesitation, I accepted her offer to hold the wallet and give it to Laura as soon as she appeared. And I walked away.

I wish I’d left a number or a note. I’d like to know for sure Laura got her wallet back, but I have to accept on faith that the counter server was telling me the truth.



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