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Leader of the pack

29 Jul


Tomorrow, I go on vacation. Today I am in a flurry of packing. First I will pack for the girls. They are staying in separate locations this trip. Lucy will stay at Sniff Dog Hotel, where she will have rooftop strolls. Fiona was going to stay there, then we had a little health scare. She will stay at the vet’s office instead. It wont be quite as exciting. She sleeps most of the time anyway, but I think she will get a lot of attention.

I will pack their bags first. They each get their blankie and enough food for the week I will be gone. Lucy’s bag will contain the training treats I use when she sees another dog and a nylabone. She likes a good chew from time to time. Fiona’s will include her ear drops and an am/pm pill container for her old lady meds. I will also send along baby wipes because she’s prone to UTIs and keeping her downstairs clean seems to help.

Later today, I will pack my bag. I will take my larger suitcase and will pay the $25.00 to check it. I could probably fit it all in a smaller case I could carry into the cabin, but I am rather short and I hate getting things into and out of the overhead bins. The really important things will go in my carry-on, just in case the suitcase doesn’t arrive. This includes my asthma meds, camera, knitting and reading material.

What essentials can you not live without, and are so important you’d  put them in your carry on?

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